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Musical Carousel

Capacity: 16 person
Voltage: 380V
Power: 4.0kw
Material: FRP+Steel
Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-6328 7382
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Musical Carousel ride is a classic amusement ride including large, rotating platform with horse-shaped seats for people to ride or amusement, also called musical merry go round. Musical carousel ride is suit for both children and adults to play in amusement park, playground, shopping center and family entertainment centers. Movement of going up and down with festive music bring players a lot excitement. Carousel ride is usually equipped 3/6/12/24 or more seats. 

When musical carousel in the rotation, there will along be some music. When the music is over, the carousel stops spinning. Dynamic music, Luxury design and exquisite decoration, so that visitors really feel like riding on lively horses, the entire ups and downs of the racing process would leave a good memory to the tourists. Visitors would recall their childhood memories bit by bit. Also make visitors in the community under the rapid pace of life to carry out a wonderful spiritual journey.

Our company is a leading amusement equipment factory in Henan Province in China. In Our factory, there are various types carousel rides for you to choose, also we provide customized service, decorate the carousel as your requirement and. With 10 years export experiences, we are sure to be your best partner.

Product video:

Musical Carousel Musical Carousel

Capacity Diameter Height Material Speed Voltage/Power
12 seats 5m 4.8m FRP+Steel 0.8m/s 380V/3.5KW
16 seats 7m 4.8m FRP+Steel 0.8m/s 380V/4KW
24 seats 7m 5.3m FRP+Steel 1m/s 380V/4KW

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