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Frisbee Ride

Type: Swing
Power: 45kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel
Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-6328 7382
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Frisbee Ride is also called big pendulum, it is a kind of large playground equipment, with attractive appearance, scientific structure, powerful vigor, very popular in many amusement parks.

Visitors sit in the circular cabins, facing outwards. Usually, the big pendulum is equipped shoulder press as safety bond and with seat belt as a second insurance. When the cabins begin to rotate, the spindle that hangs the cabins begin to swing driven by the electric motor. The rotation and swing of the big pendulum really thrill the riders, so the big pendulum belong to thrilling amusement equipment.

Riders are dizzied when swing in the rotating pendulum. They can not help to thrill and laugh, which greatly improves the joy atmosphere of the entire playground. Many tourists enjoy themselves so much that they reluctant to leave.

The big pendulum is a kind of spinning carnival rides, whose motion principle is imitating the clock pendulum and movement trail is also pendulum form . There is a circular platform fixed on the big arm. When the arm begin to swing, the circular platform begin to rotate at the same time and make riders on the pendulum feel a great sense of centrifugal. During the operation of the pendulum, visitors can experience 1~2 seconds weightlessness, as if the astronauts in space.

The big pendulum is widely loved by the majority of young tourists, high re-ride rate, so it has greater advantage of cost-effective. With low cost of management and post-maintenance, the big pendulum should be the investors’ first choice of large playground equipment.

Product video:

Frisbee RideFrisbee RideFrisbee Ride

Type Swing
Area 20m*12m
Power 45KW
Height 12m
Weight 12 tons
Materials FRP + steel
Voltage 380V
Capacity 24 persons
Speed 9-12 rpm/min

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