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Swing fly tower ride

Type: thrilling rides
Power : 60Kw
Speed: 10km/h
Capacity: 36 person


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Tel: +86-371-6328 7382

Product Details

Swing fly tower ride is a large scale amusement equipment. The swing rotates and flies upwards until it reaches the top of the equipment. While lifting, the swing rotates around the central axis and becomes more and more higher, so that passengers can experience the centrifugal force and view the surrounding scenery at high altitude. And then the swing slowly falls. It is very exciting. 

The overall structure of Swing fly tower ride is simple,but it’s very magnificent. The seats are hung on the turntable with a circular chain. With the help of turntable, the swing can simultaneously rotate and perform a compound movement of up and down. This product has been deeply loved by customers since research. This product can reach at a height of 30-40 meters, which is a good choice for sightseeing. So it always be loved by tourists. This Swing fly tower ride is suitable for parks, playgrounds, scenic spots and other venues.

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