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Motorcycle Boy Ride

Passenger: 32 person
Diameter: 11 m
Height: 8 m
Power: 15 kw

Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-6328 7382

Product Details

Motorcycle Boy is a kind of rotating self-control amusement equipment. The whole set of equipment is beautiful in shape and grand in appearance. The equipment consists of 8 groups of motorcycles, carrying 32 passengers. Tourists ride on the motorcycle, twist the throttle handle to control the lift of the cockpit, and it is accompanied by the real sound of the motorcycle engine. The device is fun and allows visitors to have a strong sense of engagement.

Motorcycle Boy Ride is 11 meters in diameter and 8 meters high, which belongs to medium-sized amusement equipment. The whole is welded with square bar and steel plate, which is firm and durable. The equipment adopts an automatic inflatable air pump, the one-button operation console makes the operator very worry-free, and the built-in Bluetooth audio can fully attract the attention of children. The appearance and color of the equipment provide customized services to fully meet customer needs.

This amusement equipment is suitable for large department stores, parks, playgrounds, squares and other places. Motorcycle Boy Ride integrates leisure and entertainment, which can complement advantages and drive promotions. Its economic and social benefits are very considerable.

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