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Unpowered pedal roller coasters

Size: 12*4 m(customizable)


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Product Details

Children’s amusement equipment should not only be fun and safe, but also have certain parent-child interaction. When children are playing, they can not only exercise their body and perseverance, but also enhance the relationship between adults and children. Our company developed a new product named pedal roller coaster which is perfect meet the market needs, and is very popular among both kids and adults.

 Unpowered human-powered pedal roller coaster requires the parent to drive the chain transmission by foot, thereby raising the cabin to obtain gravitational potential energy, which provides kinetic energy for the cabin to slide along the track .In this process, if the child wants to rise quickly and reach the high point of the track, it needs the parents to output the kinetic energy quickly. During the playing process, the children and their parents can have a good interaction. Which bring endless fun to both kids and parents, so it is very popular among customers, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor places, excellent customized services meet your special requirement.

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