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Application scope and advantages of unpowered amusement facilities

Unpowered amusement equipment refers to active experience equipment that has the characteristics of amusement equipment without any unnatural external force and energy. Compared with other amusement equipment, unpowered amusement equipment has the advantages of high safety factor, long service life, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment, good interaction and unique experience, so it has been sought after by more and more people in recent years. Unpowered amusement facilities were initially popular in Europe and the United States. With the increasing quality of life and the pursuit of health, the way of life and entertainment has gradually change. The operating and introduction cost of mechanical power equipment are relatively high, and it is suitable for places with large traffic. If the venue is not large enough, the placement of power amusement equipment is limited, so it is difficult to prompt customers to make multiple consumption.


What are the advantages of unpowered amusement equipment?

1. Applicable to a wide range of people

In recent years, the demand for family parent-child tours has been very strong. Most of the unpowered amusement equipment is mainly based on parent-child interaction to attract tourists. It advocates returning to nature and releasing children’s nature. Among them, parent-child interactive entertainment is the key to attracting family tours and long-distance tours.

2. Low equipment costand rich returns

Unpowered equipment is easy to maintain, saves a lot of costs, and has high playability. It can bring a lot of popularity to scenic spots and playgrounds, get people’s love, and bring rich returns.

3. Higher safety factor

Unpowered equipment does not rely on other power sources to drive, and with the use of standardized raw materials and other safety equipment during the game, the safety factor is still very high.

4. Immersive entertainment experience

It is not equivalent to the experience process of roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, etc. that require repeated queuing. Unpowered amusement parks are in group mode. At the same time, there are rich built-in formats, which can allow children and parents to stay for a longer time, and also increase the possibility of secondary and tertiary consumption, and improve the stickiness of customers to products.

5. High degree of integration with the environment

Usually many cultural tourism projects have very high requirements for the natural environment, and the planning of unpowered amusement facilities has very little damage to the natural environment, and the shapes can also be varied and placed to perfectly integrate with the surrounding environment. It has even become a rare cultural attraction. And its high integration of local cultural environment and natural landscape is also an important feature of unpowered amusement facilities.


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