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Coffee cup rides

The rotating coffee cup ride is a kind of amusement facility belonging to the carousel type. The whole is mainly composed of coffee cups. The shape of the whole equipment is that six coffee cup-shaped cockpits are arranged around the central axis. The central axis is a coffee pot. When the equipment rotates, the cockpits rotate directionally around the central axis, and the cockpits itself can also rotate 360 degrees.The standard configuration of this equipment is 6 cockpits, each cockpit can take four people, so a total of 24 people can ride at the same time.

Tea Cup Rides

The whole coffee cup is built with special steel, and the appearance is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The overall firmness and stability are very high, and the appearance lines are also very smooth and realistic. It can be kept outdoors for a long time without fading. Equipped with gorgeous lights, beautiful music, and its flexible gameplay, the product looks very delicate and interesting as a whole, which can attract the majority of passengers.

The coffee cup is driven by the motor to run the V-belt. This machine does not require a fixed foundation. It has the characteristics of small scale, small footprint, large passenger capacity, convenient operation, stable and reliable operation, etc., which is very suitable for indoor and outdoor mobile and flexible operation.

With the rhythm of the music, the speed of the turntable is also fast and slow, which is very warm and romantic. Coupled with the magnificent lighting and humanized gameplay, it is especially suitable for tourists of a family and different ages. When the colorful coffee cups rotate on the chassis, the inside of the coffee cups will also rotate in the opposite direction, which will make tourists feel weightless and dizzy.

At the same time, the coffee cup is very interesting and fun, which is deeply loved by customers. The rotating coffee cup is suitable for all kinds of places with a certain crowd. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain. It is a new type of amusement equipment with high cost performance.


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