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Common outdoor combination slide materials and requirements

Outdoor combination slides not only need to be durable, but also consider safety issues. Outdoor combination slides are the most joyous “little partners” for children, so we should be careful when choosing slides. What are the requirements for high-quality outdoor combined slides on the materials?


First, the materials of outdoor combination slide need to have better elasticity, otherwise children are easily injured when playing.

Second, the materials of outdoor combination slide need to be anti-static, which can well avoid the troubles caused by static electricity for children to play.

Third, the material of the outdoor combination slide requires its surface to be smooth, without bumps and depressions, so as to ensure that children can slide down smoothly.

Fourth, the materials of the outdoor combination slide need to be safe and environmentally friendly, which can ensure that children are not harmed by polluted materials.

Common materials for outdoor combination slide are mainly composed of PVC, steel, wood and other materials. Surface packaging materials: high-grade PVC and TPE materials, infiltrated with anti-ultraviolet agents, anti-static agents and anti-bleaching elements, which have characteristics like high strength, smooth surface, safety and environmental protection, and good weather resistance. Steel parts: After sandblasting, derusting, and sandblasting, the surface is treated with double-level spraying and cured at 180 degrees high temperature, which could effectively resists ultraviolet rays. Wooden parts: High-quality wood is adopted, which has the characteristics of hardness, good drying performance, strong water resistance, not easy to wear, crack and deform.


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