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Factors that determine the price of the carousel

Carousel , or merry go round ride is a classic amusement ride, also known as merry go round or roundabout. General carousel ride is suit for all generation to play in amusement park, playground, shopping center and family entertainment centers. Movement of going up and down with festive music bring players a lot excitement. A Carousel ride is consist of a rotating circular platform with horse-shaped and cartoon-shaped seats for riders. The horses connected with the turntable will go up and down along with its rotates gradually with wonderful music.

Customized longines carousel horse (7)

1: Appearance

The difference in appearance determines the price of the carousel. Generally, the more complicated the appearance and style, the more expensive the carousel. The equipment requires complex and fine painting techniques with more exquisite carousel exterior decorations, and it needs to be matched with gorgeous lighting effects, so the price is relatively high.

2: Product Specifications

Product specifications also determine the price of the carousel. The carousel is also divided into 3 seats, 6 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, and 36 seats, etc. The more seats, the greater the process consumption, so the price is different. Generally, the production cycle of large-scale amusement equipment is longer, and the labor cost is higher. After the cost increases, the ex-factory price of its products will naturally increase.

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