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How to create IP in your unpowered amusement park?

To plan and build a non-powered amusement equipment experience park, you need to have a stable customer group. If you don’t have such a group, you will encounter financial risks in the later operation process. Customers should be positioned before the purchase of non-powered equipment, and there should be a relatively fixed customer base to support daily operations, so as to prevent various problems in off-season operations. Therefore, operators need to create their own IP in order to establish a stable customer base and increase consumers’ stickiness to amusement projects. Then, how to create the IP of unpowered amusement equipment?

1. Environmental design should be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable

As family conditions get better, when parents take their children out to play, they not only have relatively high requirements for amusement items, but also consider whether the construction of the overall environment is comfortable. In addition to improving intelligence, they also need to enhance their physical fitness. Therefore, non-powered amusement equipment should be kept clean and hygienic during the overall operation process, and should be disinfected regularly. Guide and publicize the use of various amusement equipment in the amusement park, so that parents can rest assured that their children can play.

2. A variety of event planning

Unpowered amusement parks need to hold various activities frequently to attract passenger flow, which is also one of the means of profit. For the children’s amusement industry, the characteristics and pertinence of activities are very important. You can creating your exclusive IP based on present equipment, attract attention and increase your reputation through interesting parent-child activities.

3. Hold climbing themed activities

Amusement parks can regularly hold climbing competitions. During the climbing process, they need to consider where to go next to stimulate their ability to explore. In addition, when climbing to a high place, the  perspective is different from what they usually see, which also helps them understand and adapt to the new environment, and helps to enhance their self-confidence.

4. IP image design

When the amusement park equipment is ready, the operator can design their own IP image plan according to the facilities, invite local Internet celebrities to shoot to increase popularity, and promote the target group through various marketing platforms.


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