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How to innovate amusement management?

The operation of amusement business needs innovation to meet the changeable market needs, then how to innovate amusement management?

First, grasp the market trend, clear the products direction.

Based on the research of market demand,getting the result and rules through an extensive investigation and statistical analysis of the consumption of amusement equipment in a certain area. And then summarize the character of the market demand,clear the amusement items that popular among tourists in the market,and then form the first step of the innovation project,provide the strong guidance for the direction of innovation.

Second, change the whole environment, create new atmosphere.

The environmental atmosphere has an important influence on the attraction of leisure and entertainment, there are two aspect about environmental atmosphere, one is the atmosphere is relative old.then we can renew the floor, wall or decorate the ceiling to create new atmosphere, the other aspect is the environmental atmosphere is relative dull.a lot of amusement playground no not pay attention to the environmental atmosphere, in fact, the environment is very important for the playground, so we should pay more attention to decorate the space according to the character of the amusement site.

Third,strengthen the participation of tourists and innovate the experience mode.

Participation and experience are the core character of the leisure and entertainment,so we should attract tourists to take part in the experience of the amusement equipment. Launch activity to attract passengers to have a try.

Fourthly, update the hardware facilities and add current items,

For some amusement equipment with short life cycle,the hardware facilities will be eliminated very quickly,which require constant updating of equipment.and the equipment updating is not only replace the old with new, but also follow the flow of the period, constantly lead into the new entertainment facilities—this is also the innovation idea of amusement project.



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