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How to maintain amusement equipment regularly?

Now there are a lot of amusement equipment in the market, so how to properly maintain the amusement equipment after work?

Step 1: Get regular check-ups.

Amusement equipment operators should regularly check whether the safety bar of the equipment is intact, whether the safety fence is intact, whether the motor and its fixed bolts are abnormal, whether the voltage and current value is normal, etc.

The second step: regular maintenance.

Carnival equipment operators should regularly add lubricating oil to the equipment to reduce wear and tear during operation.The equipment should be operated by special personnel, and non-full-time personnel should not move to avoid accidents.

Step 3: Test run of the equipment.

During the trial operation, check whether there is abnormal sound during the operation of the equipment, whether the travel switch is normal, whether there is oil leakage in the oil system, etc. If there is any problem, it should be repaired by special personnel, and do not disassemble the parts at will.Check if the equipment is normal before starting operation.

Step 4: Safety.

For the hidden danger of safety found in the process of equipment operation, the operation should be stopped immediately and the hidden danger should be removed in time. The machine must not run with disease.Each large amusement equipment should have a different emergency plan, so that when there is a dangerous situation, tourists can be evacuated in time to ensure their safety, and safety protective measures should be taken.


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