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How to Purchase Amusement Equipment during Slack Season? What Factors should We Pay Attention to?

  1. How to Make Profits with Amusement Equipment

People who invests in amusement equipment in the first time usually have this question. After fixing the ticket price according to local consumption level, you need to know the where are the selling points of these amusement equipment. Grasp tourists’ consuming thought and make some discounts and promotion activities. Now the amusement equipment integrates the character of edutainment, is approved by many parents. The amusement equipment gathering entertainment and education usually have the highest popularity and most passenger flow volume.

  1. Quality of Amusement Equipment

Many China manufacturers are still not so full-fledged and they are in different levels. The managers should firstly pick some manufacturers that are not so bad. And then give a field visit to see the manufacturer strength, equipment material quality, equiment finished product, equipment quality, quotation and function, usage.

  1. After-sale Service

When managers go to a manufacturer, you should see more and ask more questions, know what is included in the after sale service. Manufacturers have good after sale service will have strong strength. A strong company can’t exist without good after sale team.


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