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How to set up the product line of amusement park equipment?

A product line refers to a group of related products that may have similar functions, go through the same sales channels, or be sold to the same customer group within the same price range. If the optimal length of the product line can be determined, the maximum profit can be brought to the enterprise. The combination of amusement equipment should also be scientifically planned and set according to the amusement park strategy, and the appropriate amusement equipment product line can be selected in combination with its own characteristics and actual conditions, so as to continuously increase revenue in a constantly changing environment. For amusement parks, how to implement it?

1: Build an organization corresponding to the strategy

Amusement parks have clarified their strategic positioning, and should not just stay at the level of ideology, but must have the determination and methods to carry out. It is recommended to set up a corresponding organizational structure first, through which the coordination and division of labor and implementation will be carried out. At the same time, through the organization, both short-term income generation and long-term development can be taken into account to achieve balanced and sustainable development.

2: Invest in resources corresponding to the strategy

After the establishment of the corresponding organizational structure, the implementation of the amusement park strategy must also invest in corresponding resources, including human resources and material resources. Specifically, not only should there be preaching, study, research, and innovation in ideological work, but also in actual work, the design and expansion of amusement equipment products, the purchase of new equipment, and the stimulation of the potential of amusement park services, changes in business models, and construction of new business should be carried out.

3: Establish a system corresponding to the strategy

The implementation of the amusement park strategy is based on the organizational structure and resource investment. In the long-term process, a system will be established including park operation, new project creative planning, amusement equipment increase, and engineering construction promotion. All aspects of this process are interrelated and affect each other, and the core of all aspects is the realization of strategic goals.


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