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What are the exciting and fun amusement equipment?

In an themed amusement park, the stimulating and interesting amusement facilities can not only relieve people’s fatigue, but also bring people a happy mood. So what are the fun and exciting rides in the amusement park?

Pirate Viking Boat Ride

Dragon Pirate Ship for Sale

Its appearance is like a giant ocean ship. The huge boom makes the pirate ship swing back and forth, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, allowing tourists to experience a thrilling feeling. Generally, pirate ship rides are mostly 24 and 36-seater, while 48-seater one is larger and more exciting.

Flying Chair Ride

forest theme flying chair rides

The rotating flying chair is an umbrella-shaped amusement facility. When the equipment is running, the hanging chair rotates in the air and tilts at the same time, making the tourists sitting on the hanging chair fluctuate and flutter, as if flying in the air, allowing them to experience thrills and excitement! At night, the lighting decorations on the device are particularly dazzling.

Big Pendulum Ride

Giant Pendulum Rides

The big pendulum is a large-scale rotating amusement equipment. Tourists seem to be sitting on a chair suspended in the air. During the rapid swing of the big pendulum, they are free from the shackles of gravity. They can enjoy the continuous rising and falling, and instantly abandon all the troubles, which making many tourists linger and forget to leave.

Different amusement park, in order to attract tourists, will also set up distinctive scenes. Whether it is a large or small playground, it is a place for citizens to communicate, entertain and relax, so some special amusement facilities are very necessary. Do you know of any other exciting and fun rides?


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