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Idea for Operating Amusement Park

As the industry continues to increase competition, some amusement park will purchase new amusement rides per one or two years to keep the fresh and attraction of amusement park. But this is not a developed way, because the investment must to increased, the operator will have big pressure, the land might has limit as well. So here we’d like to provide you some idea, hope they are helpful for your amusement park business:

  1. The special activity in holiday — It is a important factor to attract passengers. Based on the holiday, attract passenger to participate in the interaction. Event planning should exceed the psychological expectations of tourists. In addition to satisfying the needs of tourists’ new amusement equipment entertainment, they also need to meet their spiritual needs and create a proper atmosphere.
  2. Create Nice night scenery— A successful park can bring passenger two different experience, day and night. Create nice night scenery, special program for day and night, double profit.
  3. Rent the advertisement. The amusement equipment is not only for play, but also attract passengers’ eyes. So take this advantage, use some screen or wall for advertisement(Related product or industries ) to add extra profit.
  4. Cooperated with the company which is related industries but not competitor。— Such as, if customers spend money exceed *** amount in the shop, then they can get a ticket for your park rides, same. If they bought your park ticket, they can get a discount card for the cooperated shop. In this way, your park will be more famous and have more passengers.
  5. Doing rental business. Short-term rental services can be provided without affecting your own operations. Such some new opened shop or mall, etc need amusement rides to attract customers, or in birthday party, wedding party, etc. You can rent your rides to them, earn the rent money, also it is a chance to do advertisement.
  6. Family package ticket. Parents will bring their kids to go to park together. Or some friends together. Such single ticket is 6 USD. Then double ticket can be 10 USD. In this case, to offer passenger some discount and attract more passengers to play.

Anyway, operator need to combine their actual condition to make suitable plan, then get more market.


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