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Introduction of Amusement Octopus Ride

Rotating big octopus is a new generation of self-controlled rotating amusement equipment. The product looks like an octopus and appearance is like a dragon. The big octopus has 5 large tentacles. Each tentacles is suspended with 3-4 small fish cabins. Each cockpit can sit 2 people which can give you a feeling of passion, fantasy, excitement, unlimited entertainment! The overall equipment in the lighting and sound configuration can make passengers relaxed and lose the terrible nature of the original big octopus, and adding entertainment and fun!

Big octopus ride is a new type of amusement equipment that is popular among young people in the past year. It has five arms and six arms. When running, the polyhedral compound is turned and the big arm is rotating. The movement mode is large return and the two kinds of movements of the small slewing are superimposed. The tourists can enjoy the mini-fun of autobiography and revolution in the cockpit. They can also enjoy the excitement of rising and undulating, and rotate the big octopus, which is very popular among tourists.



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