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Maintenance of outdoor children play equipment in bad weather

Weather is an important factor for outdoor children’s amusement equipment  operators to pay attention to. Recently, rainfall in many places, summer flood season peak arrival, air high temperature and humidity, short-term heavy rainfall, lightning, wind, ice fragrance and other inclement weather frequently, all these may have a negative impact on the safe operation of equipment.So, how to ensure the stable operation of the equipment in the current weather conditions, what special measure should be done for outdoor children’s amusement equipment in bad weather ?let us take a look at the share below.

  1. Have an emphasis on thought.This is the basic work in the early stage of ideological education. First of all, the staff should pay attention to the maintenance work of outdoor children’s amusement equipment under the current inclement weather, and know the importance of this work and the serious consequences that may be caused by the inclement weather.
  2. Form the system.The establishment of the systemshould be form directly after ideological education, if the unit has the previous relevant system documents archived for the record, it should be relatively simple, you can carefully study the previous system, as perfect and practical as possible.According to the unit’s outdoor children’s amusement equipment operation, timely take effective measures。
  3. responsibility arrives person. The responsibility should be clearly divided and implemented to the perso It is suggested that there should be a signing link, so that everyone in the equipment service can know where their responsibilities are divided.
  4. Operation precautions.Avoid operation risks in inclement weather. Stop the equipment in inclement weather, such as high winds and thunderstorms.
  5. Inspection and watch.To establish equipment inspection and duty rules and regulations, strengthen inspection and maintenance, do a good job of emergency duty, to ensure the safe operation of equipment.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings.Remove items or facilities that may affect the operation of outdoor children’s play equipment, check the drainage facilities around the equipment, and strengthen the condition of the surrounding facilities, trees and buildings to avoid dangerous things.

Let’s work together to ensure the safe and stable operation of outdoor children’s amusement equipment in bad weather.


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