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Notes for Riding head shaking flying chair

Head shaking flying chair is very popular among kids amusement park,with the rapid development of amusement industry, this classical amusement equipment has never been eliminated,`because it is really interesting and welcomed by both kids and adults. Then what should be taken into account when riding fling chair? Let us discuss together.

1.before taking a ride, you should the chain and the steel wire rope of the equipment one by one, to check whether it is safe and tight.

  1. children too young to ride, if parents  want to take their little baby to have a ride, the operator should dissuade them in time.
  2. put a warning board around the amusement equipment,to tell passengers the notice.

4.Passengers should be reminded not to take photos with the equipment at the fence, to avoid accidents caused by touching passengers when the equipment is running.

5.It should be banned for some passengers who are drunk.

  1. Before opening, DINIS Amusement reminded everyone to test the machine for an hour without load

Shake head flying chair is a fun outdoor playground equipment, it look like a big umbrella, hanging below a lot of the beautiful, delicate, safety hanging chair, when the big umbrella rotating, lifting chair rotating flying in the air waves, it softens the brilliant Led lights, the pattern design of modelling luxuriant, make tourists linger on,  and this equipment is very popular among both  young and old, especially for the young children.


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