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Popular BBQ Boat For Sale

BBQ barbecue boat is made of high polyethylene, anti-aging, anti-impact, not broken, not broken!The whole ship is rolled into one, seamless splicing, no leakage!The 10-person model can hold 10-12 people together at the same time, enjoying the beautiful scenery while enjoying the fun of barbecue.Equipped with UV protection umbrella, you can barbecue in rain or shine.Under the seat is a storage bin for life jackets and food for the day.As a fashion and leisure product, it is deeply loved by customers at home and abroad。

The ship is equipped with 2 sets of high-performance dry batteries for up to 6 hours of endurance;1200W strong electric hang-up, quiet and environmental protection;The top is equipped with a diameter of 3.2m parasol, in addition to fashion, but also shade from the sun and rain;There is a smokeless grill in the center to ensure health while enjoying delicious food。

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