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Popular Explosive Amusement Products-Rotating Big Octopus Ride

It is not easy to make a children amusement equipment that is popular with tourists. It not only has to do a novel design, but also directly attract the attention of children with brilliant colors and dynamic music. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the children’s psychology to bring interactivity and fun. Based on this standard, we have developed a new generation of rotating octopus ride. Its overall design is based on the octopus of sea. Each seat can take two people. The whole equipment runs up and down, adding a lot of fun. The speed adjustment can bring joy to tourists of different ages. That’s why this device has become very popular since its launch.

Amusement Octopus Rides (

From the current operation of the rotating octopus ride in many places, this beautiful amusement equipment directly brings visual impact and quickly gathers popularity. Therefore, high passenger flow is naturally proportional to the income obtained by the operator. From the analysis of the riding effect of the rotating octopus rides, most of the traditional equipment is only a single operation, which makes tourists feel that there is no novelty and cannot increase the viscosity with customers, so the equipment we have launched can not only rotate and lift, but also bring sensory stimulation and physical and mental pleasure to tourists through swinging.

The current interactive consideration has been integrated into the research and development stage of each amusement product, bringing a good playing experience through the integration of sound and light elements. The consideration of every detail ensures the quality of our equipment, and the cost-effective products also double the customer’s investment income.

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