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Popular pirate ship ride for sale

Pirate ship is a traditional and classic amusement equipment, which swings back and forth around the horizontal axis. Pirate ship amusement equipment is a large-scale outdoor theme amusement equipment, which is very distinctive.  Pirate ship shape is like a ship swimming in the air, across the sky to fly, bring endless imagination to customers, so it is an exciting and fun large amusement equipment.  

The pirate ship amusement equipment is one of the most common amusement facilities in the amusement park. The investment is not large, mainly covering a large area and carrying many passengers.  Such as 24 pirate ships, 36 pirate ships, etc. This equipment with novel modeling and luxury charming lights decoration, so it is very easy to attract customers to have a try. And it is very easy to operate. so pirate ship equipment park is a good investment choice.  

The pirate ship broke through the rigid and single movement method of traditional equipment in terms of gameplay. When the pirate ship was running, it was like in the sea waves. Passengers sat on the circular seats in the inner wall of the turntable and slowly rotated with the turntable.  Therefore, the equipment is very popular with theme parks and tourists, in squares, parks, scenic amusement parks, outdoor and other places where tourists are concentrated, we cal always see the figure of the pirate ship.  

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