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Popular Shark Island Ride

Shark island is a kind of rotating water amusement equipment, belongs to the category of children’s amusement equipment, is a kind of widely used amusement equipment.When it runs, the cockpit rotates around the center with the passengers, and there is a water gun on the cockpit that can “attack” the animal shape in the center under the control of the passengers. If hit, it will respond to the animal or emit sound or spray water.With runtime music, the whole thing feels like a “water fight”.

The device generally consists of 12 cabins, each seat two people, two cabins for a group of games.The general running time is about five minutes, and the price varies according to different locations.Generally, it can be played by an adult and a child.

There are also several options for styling, and only   beautiful color and unique exterior can attract the eyes of we paid more attention on the design and decoration of the exterior. The decoration on the matching pool makes the equipment look more colorful.The center model is made up of shark, dolphin, octopus and other cartoon models, while the cockpit is made up of the whale that the children love.

There are many shark island manufacturers, but each manufacturer’s strength, credibility;The price, quality and shape of the products are different.In order to buy the appropriate amusement equipment, it is recommended that you should visit the manufacturer on the spot, and purchase the most cost-effective equipment after comparison.


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