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Precautions of Swing Bridge

1. The Swing Bridge used for playing has strong confrontation, which may cause minor injuries such as scratches, sprains, bruises, etc. In order to avoid serious injuries, the following persons or situations are prohibited from playing:
Under 16 years old, over 50 years old; height less than 1.5 meters; heart disease, acrophobia, epilepsy, skin disease, osteoporosis and cartilage disease, drinkers, and others who are not suitable for strenuous exercise.

2. Players on the bridge are prohibited from wearing and carrying the following items: high heels, glasses, watches, mobile phones, necklaces, bracelets, keys and other sharp items, wallets, car keys, electronic devices, etc.

3. When playing, you should wear elbow and knee pads to avoid falls. It is forbidden to stand within 5 meters on both sides of the bridge deck. In order to prevent shocks, players should bow their heads and crawl away from the sides of the bridge for more than 3 metersafter falling.

4. Operators should set up observation platforms to fully understand the situation on the bridge and both sides, and deal with problems in a timely manner.

5. Follow the rules when shaking the bridge: for the safety of everyone, you need to follow the instructions of the staff: Stop at any time.

6. If you intentionally disrupt the scene order and cause personal injury, you will be responsible for the consequences.

7. Maintenance precautions: During the peak period of use, it should be inspected and maintained at least twice a day.


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