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Problems and solutions encountered when operating the carousel

A carousel is a very popular kind of amusement equipment. What problems will occur in the operation of the carousel? How to solve them?

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1. Device startup failure

First of all, you need to check whether the electric control cabinet is working normally. Check whether the power indicator of the electric control cabinet is on. If the indicator is on, it means that there is no problem with the power supply of the electric control cabinet. If the light is not on, please check the power supply first.

You need to check the cabinet for broken wires and short circuits. If so, reconnect or replace the wire. If not, open the electric control cabinet and check if the fuse is blown. If the fault still exists, it is necessary to check whether the circuit of the electric control cabinet is connected to the conductive ring of the carnival carousel, and whether the conductive ring of the motor is disconnected. If so, reconnect or replace it. In addition, check the junction between the conductive ring and the carbon brush for dust and poor contact.

If there is no fault in the electrical control cabinet and the circuit, the equipment still cannot be started, it is necessary to check whether the motor is faulty, remove the belt on the motor pulley, and start the power button on the electrical control cabinet to see if the motor works.

2. Difficulty starting the device

(1) The bearing is too tight. This kind of failure generally occurs when the new carousel is running. It can be adjusted to a moderate tightness with a wrench, and the effect of adding lubricating oil is better.

(2) The voltage is unstable or too low. Many devices have difficulty or fail to start due to unstable or low voltage, mainly due to excessive voltage loads. This phenomenon is especially pronounced in summer. You need to press the start button of the electric control cabinet to check whether the voltmeter is normal. The workaround is to replace the larger square power cord or replace the line access point.

(3) The V-belt is loose. If the V-belt is loose, adjust the distance between the motor and the pulley or replace it with a new V-belt of the same type.

3. Excessive shakeand noise

Excessive shake and noise are caused by the unstable operation of the large board. You can check to see if the tires are flat or underinflated. If it leaks, it should be replaced or repaired. If the air pressure is not enough, the tire can be inflated. Secondly, due to the increased friction between the transmission part and the bearing, lubricating oil needs to be added.

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