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The characters of new style amusement equipment

The new style amusement equipment should have the following characters.

1.more secure,that is the fundamental requirement.

The equipment should have no sharp angle or burr,meanwhile,the parts connection should be very strong to avoid looseness and cause child to eat. And then should pay attention to the material, only safe and environment friendly material should be used in the production.

2.We should pay more attention to the operation experience mode of passengers of the development direction is increase the tourists autonomy. The idea of increasing interactivity will be more perfect reflected in the future product setting.

3. we should pay more attention to the reasonable personalized design.the innovative concept of new amusement ride mainly is mainly reflected in two aspects: the innovation of working mode and the innovation of equipment exterior.the way of the device work should be more fun, and the appearance should be more novel.but not matter working mode or appearance style, all these must firstly based on more reasonable. The design drawings of any new amusement equipment at the beginning of production should consider the rationality of its operation, the selection and application of various components, the possible causes of failure, the degree of protection and danger during operation, etc.On the basis of rationality, more personalized operation mode and appearance design will become an important development direction.Many of the devices that don’t exist today could be radically changed.

4.Amusement equipment should be more entertaining and sensory stimulating.anyhow,it is difficult to change the basic attributes of entertainment and stimulation. In the future, equipment will definitely develop towards a more high-end, more exciting, more sophisticated and more novel direction, which is also a specific supplement to the product design mentioned above.


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