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The Emergency Measures in the Operation of Amusement Equipment

Now defferent kinds of amusement equipment can be seen everywhere, if they suddenly go wrong, how can we cope with?

  1. Suddenly black out during the operation.

Solution method: the workers should turn off the power, pay attention to passengers’ conditions, let them calm down. After the stable stop of the equipment, guide their leaving, turn on the power, try the equipment again twice, after confirming it’s normal then you can continue in business.

  1. Several passengers feel uncomfortable and panic during the operation.

Solution method: the workers should press “Emergency Push Button Switch”, and comfort the passengers. After steay pause, quickly help the passengers unfasten the safety belts and leave soon, if necessary, send them to the medical room and check other passengers’ condition, all is normal, then restart the equipment.

  1. Unregular behaviors appear during the operation.

Solution method: the workers should immediately pursuade and stop them. If it’s invalid the emergency push button should be turn on. After stop steadily, educate the passengers who disobey the rules patiently and politely, point out the dangerousness and join in the amusement after his acception.

  1. Sudden whether change during the operation.

Solution method: if it rains heavily in the operation, the workers should expain to passengers well. After the equipment stop steadily, guide them to safe place to hide from the rain, after it gets better, continue to your business.


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