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The installation instruction of Disco tagada

First, the installation of main engine parts


Place the main frame of the equipment in the center forward position of the pre-installation  site, and then lay the main frame flat. The part with motor face to the back of the site, and the other end faces forward.

And then put the bottom bracket on the top, the part of bottom bracket with axial should be upward, the part with screw hole should be downward. Then fasten the screw hole with a bolt. And install the another bottom bracket in the same way.

Then install the main engine cylinder arm near the main main motor, Lift a cylinder arm horizontally, and the part with screw hole should be toward to the centre position of the main engine, the opening part of the axle downwards. Finally, bolt down the main engine and the cylinder arm. Install the another cylinder arm in the same way.

Then come to this step, install the cylinder between the centre bottom bracket and the cylinder arm, the cylinder bottom downward, and the part that can be pulled out should be upward. Connect the cylinder with the pin shaft on the bottom bracket and cylinder arm. The air connection on the cylinder faces outward(Toward the outer ring of the device)

Secondly, install the large chassis

Arrange the plates in numbered order, and place the label on the upper pipe wall of the main engine and the label on the large plate accordingly, then lift a big plate horizontally, and the flat face up. Match the screw hole on the large plate and pipe wall of the main frame, and then  move the large outer ring up and down, corresponding to two parts of the screw hole, and bolt together without fastening,. finally, install the remaining seven platters in the same way.

Then connect the two adjacent plates, If the screw hole does not correspond, you can monve the plate up and down. Then bolt together, and when all the plates are joined together, tighten all the bolts, including the bolts on the large plate and the centre pipe wall of the main engine.

Install the fence above the plate in order on the vertical face of the outer ring of the plate.

Place the platform with steps right in the center of the front of the device, and screw the top of the left platform together with the central platform. Then connect the corresponding marking column with the platform top, and keep the above flat. If there is a distance between the column and the ground, put some wooden boards, bricks and rubber pads under it, keeping the top level, and install the rest of the platform in the same way.

Effect after installation, the background wall shall be connected and installed in sequence according to the label.

Then install the stainless steel fence in sequence

Fourthly. Install air compressor and air storage tank

The air compressor and air storage tank should be placed behind the background wall respectively. The distance between the air storage tank and the air compressor should not be too far away. The distance should be convenient to install the air pipe, a distance of 1 meter should be left between the background wall and the air compressor and the air storage tank, so as to facilitate the installation of the air pipe and electrical wiring.

Install the wire set, input the power into the three-phase four-wire air switch above the control box, and access the wire, wire, wire and zero wire (N) in turn, the rest of the lines shall be connected to the wire set according to the label of the wire set and corresponding color.


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