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The maintenance of kids amusement equipment is very important

The safety of amusement equipment needs to be maintained regularly, so how to maintain it? What should we pay attention to when maintaining?

  1. Drag the ground with a mop before opening for business every day and after the end of business in the evening.
  2. Check the ground before starting each time, no metal and sundries are allowed.The main purpose is to protect the control cabinet.
  3. Check whether the screws around the equipmentare loose once a day.
  4. Check whether the screw of the incoming power supply of the rectifier cabinet is loose (check often). If so, you should fix it in time.
  5. Cut off the power supply, open the fan interface and exhaust port, exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, the remaining air should be extruded.If the equipment was wateredbecause of rainy days, it need to drain the water and keep it dry.
  6. When children play, do not let them scribble on the equipment with hard objects to avoid damage.
  7. 7. The whole machine is usually maintained half a year;The main transmission part should be cleaned, oil changed, wearing parts changed, etc.;Check whether the wear condition of the key parts is broken, whether there is crack, open welding and other abnormal;If there is any problem, it need tobedeal with in time.

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