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Three characteristics that should be paid attention to when designing children’s amusement parks

Amusement park design is an important part of operating a children’s playground. It must fully coordinate the connection between different spaces, requiring a lot of planning and customization. In order to provide better services for children, designers need to coordinate the relationship between indoor and outdoor and multiple spaces. So what standards should be met during the design of children’s playgrounds?

1. Playfulness

Children’s interest is the center of amusement park design. For children, the playground is a very fun place. The principle of children’s interest is to design children’s playgrounds according to their psychological and physical characteristics. Vibrant colors, clean lines and specific intelligence can be adjusted according to the their imagination and aesthetic characteristics.

2. Dynamic

The content and characteristics of the children’s playground design should match their growth characteristics, and have a certain degree of variability, which can effectively guarantee the sustainable development of the children’s playground.

3. Aesthetics

The design of children’s amusement park must meet certain aesthetic requirements, because beauty is the nature of children. In addition, the design of the children’s playground should also allow children to participate in the creation of beauty and develop their aesthetic habits. In addition, the design of the children’s playground also needs to give full play to the use of color, and different colors will bring different play experiences to children.


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