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What are the advantages of community children’s amusement park?

In recent years, various economic formats have emerged, such as: children economy, mother-infant economy, Internet celebrity economy, street stall economy, etc. These are all products of economic development in the new era. Among them, the children economy can be said to occupy a dominant position and has a relatively large scale of development. Children economy can be divided into education, toys, amusement, etc. Now amusement parks for children are not only appearing in large-scale amusement parks, scenic spots or other large-scale leisure and entertainment venues. Children amusement parks are also emerging in our daily communities. So what are the specific advantages of community children amusement parks?

1. Site advantage

Compared with large playgrounds or scenic spots, community amusement parks have a good venue advantage. First of all, parents do not need to set aside time on weekends, but can take their children to play after dinner. Secondly, scenic spots or playgrounds generally have to be driven to reach them; but in the community, it does not require such a long drive, so the venue of the community children playground is very advantageous.

2. Fixed customers

In the community, there are a large number of children, and the customer groups are relatively large and concentrated. There is no need for too much publicity, and many basic customers and potential customers can be obtained.

3. Low cost of publicity

In the community, the target customer group is relatively concentrated, so it does not need too much publicity for the community playground. Amusement parks do a good job of service and public praise, and neighbors promote each other, so that the most accurate publicity effect can be obtained at the least cost.


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