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What is non-electric amusement equipment?

Unpowered amusement equipment simply refers to amusement facilities without electric, hydraulic or pneumatic power devices, which are composed of climbing, sliding, drilling, ladders, swinging and other functional parts and structures, fasteners and connecting parts.  

The main features  

High safety factor, long life cycle, low maintenance cost, entertainment, good interaction.  

Category of non-powered facilities  

There are many non-powered amusement equipment, such as: large drilling net, theme modeling equipment, large climbing net, trampoline, stainless steel slide, sand pool paradise, jungle leap, physical development and so on.  

Classification of non-powered facilities  

Non-powered amusement equipment can be divided into challenge type, interactive type and experience type according to the experience type.  

Challenging: This kind of amusement facilities for safety belt equipment, high altitude obstacle jump, climbing, rapid descent and other series of gameplay, stimulating.  

Interactive: this kind of equipment is interesting, high interaction between people, the activity site is large, no need to wear safety devices.  

Experience type: Most of these devices are small devices, and most of them are built as supporting facilities for children.  




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