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What should we pay attention to when buying a trackless train?

The trackless train is a kind of sightseeing train that gets rid of the restriction of the track. This advantage makes it more useful, and it is easier to adapt to various complex site environments, so it is very popular in the market. So what should users pay attention to when buying trackless trains?

Trackless train for sale

1. Venue requirements
Why should we consider venue needs first? Before purchasing, it is necessary to fully investigate the current situation of the site, the flow of people, road conditions and other basic conditions, and then plan the driving route. The driving route must choose a road with good conditions, suitable slopes and no potential safety hazards.

2. Product positioning
According to the site survey of Article 1, we select the required products. If the road is wide and the flow is large, we should choose a large or medium-sized trackless train for a large number of passengers, otherwise, choose a small-sized train. If the slope is large, a fuel-type trackless train with independent brakes is a good choice.

3. Product quality
The safety of product quality has many aspects, such as production safety, material safety, structural safety of amusement equipment, safety of amusement equipment maintenance, safety of amusement equipment service life and other aspects. The safety of children’s amusement equipment is the primary condition for purchasing amusement equipment. Purchasing an amusement equipment with hidden safety hazards will not only cause the equipment to stop working, but also affect the normal operation of the amusement park. The important issue is the personal safety of tourists. If a safety accident is caused by the insecurity of children’s amusement equipment, the consequences are even more unimaginable. Therefore, the safety of children’s amusement equipment is the top priority.


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