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Steel Bumper Cars for Sale

Speed: ≤12km/h
Power: 350w
Voltage: 24v
Running Time: 8-9 hours
Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-6328 7382
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Steel bumper cars are type of flat rides and power-driven amusement equipment. The equipment includes bumper cars and an indoor space. Most of people, include all ages above 3, are love to playing bumper car games because it’s thrill and cheer, full of excitement. It will be your  best investment on amusement products.

The steel bumper car usually supplied by batteries power, the motor power through differential bag by the gear wear to the rear axle to achieve the car running, which is arranged in the circuit board which can control the bumper car racing time, time to auto power off. The remote control bumper car with Power off protection device, when many cars crowded together and can’t move in bumping car games, the car detected pedal always been tread, the motor will be automatic power off within 2 seconds, to prevent motor overheating, to extend the life span of the motor.

Our high-quality steel bumper cars bodies are made of steel frames and high-strength FRP. As to any FRP diameter of 10 micron, the tensile strength is 3600 MPa, means that it can resist 360 kg tensile force per square millimeter, two times stronger than the high strength steel. And the bumpers are made of rubber rings. As for the battery steel bumper cars, we provide safe, rechargeable and high-quality battery. Usually, an quality modern bumper car rides for sale always use digital and remote control.

We are the leading bumper car manufacturer–Our company  With 10 years more experiences, we are very professional in rearching and developing all types of bumper cars. We keep on developing all kinds of relative technologies of dodgem bumper cars at your requirements.

Product video:

Type Running Time Size Speed Power Voltage
Battery Type 8-9 hours 1.9*1.1*0.9m ≤12km 350W 24V
Ground Grid Type no limited time 1.9*1.1*0.9m ≤12km 500W 48V



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