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Indoor Merry Go Round

Material: :FRP+Steel
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Indoor merry go round is a type of small amusement carousel ride that is appealing to children to play. Not only do they look impressive, but also they allow the young children riders to make exciting memories when play roundabout game. Usually, a carousel consists of a rotating platform with seats. Traditional seats design is horse-shaped, in modern design we can produce it with more different lovely animals or cars. All of indoor merry go round ride, the seats can be moved up and down and rotating with wonderful music.

Luxury designs, filled with beautiful glass mirrors, delicate carvings and other attractive embellishments, equipped with lots of colorful shinning LED lights and rotating with festive music, all that above really create an atmosphere of delight and joy and leave children tourists an unforgettable experience.

Our company is a leading amusement equipment manufacture in Henan Province of China. Our carousel designs has many different styles.  In Our factory, there are various types carousel rides for you to choose, also we provide customized service, decorate the carousel as your requirement.

Indoor Merry Go Round Indoor Merry Go Round


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