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Space Crazy Dance Ride

Passenger: 18/24
Power: 27kw
Voltage: 380V
Material: FRP+Steel
Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-6328 7382
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Space crazy dance ride is a new type of amusement equipment, generally there are equipped with 18 seats, 20 seats, 24 seats etc., also can be customized according to your requirements. When the equipment has been started, the big turntable and small turntable will rotating in opposite directions, and each cabin will turn ups and downs freely drove by the inertia. So exciting and fun that will make people very enjoy and forget all the troubles.

The cabins of space crazy dance ride are similar to the space suit, so that passengers will feel like as if travel in the outer space, which is very attractive and people will be fascinated by it as long as they have played it. The space crazy dance can be placed at both indoor and outdoor, low investment and high return, so it is a very popular amusement equipment in the market.

Product video:

Space Crazy Dance RideSpace Crazy Dance Ride

People Dirmeter Height Voltage Power
18 11/13m 3.5m 380V 27kw
24 13/15m 3.5m 380V 27kw

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