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Backyard Trains for Sale

Type: Track train
Power: 750w
Voltage: DC36V
Material: FRP+Steel
Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-6328 7382
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Backyard trains for sale is one of Our company’s classic amusement train rides. This rides can be used in backyard, playground, shopping mall and theme park.

The backyard train for sale is produced by imitating the real train. It is pulled by the locomotive in front of the train and followed several similar shape carriages. The carriages are usually designed to be vivid cartoon image and the seats are also very cute, which greatly satisfied the children’s childlike innocence.

The track of this miniature train rides is a perfect round, which allowing the train to move in circus continuously. The locomotives are usually made of fiberglass, while the seats are usually made of plastic. In terms of raw materials, plastic is more resistant to pressure than FRP and is not easily damaged. The track backyard train for sale is made of standard steel, which is durable and easy to disassemble. Each cabin is equipped with an audio speaker, when the train starts run and the audio playing happy songs at the same time. The train carries the children happily running in the park and make children feel like ride on a real train. Speed adjustable, very safe, can bring the child a very happy and beautiful ride experience.

Our company is a company focus on long-term design, production and sales of various types of amusement train. If you want to know more information about playground equipment. Welcome to follow or inquiry us, we will answer for you in a timely manner.

Product video:

Advantage of Trackless Cartoon Train Rides:

1. Small electricity with high speed.
2. High efficient
3. Small volume, low-interferrences
4. Low noise
5. Long service time

Advantages of Jinshan Trackless Cartoon train battery:

1. Eco-environmental
2. High and low temperature resistance
3. Lasting power quantity
4. Battery can be recycle
5. Steady voltage

Item name Track Cartoon Train Rides Material Steel base & FRP shell
Style Kids ride on train Size Carriage: 200*60*60cm, Train head:230*60*60cm
Weight Train head:140kgs, Carriage:60kgs Power 750Kw
Load 500kgs Voltage DC 36V
Speed 0-5km/h (adjustable) Working time 7 hours
Music With music Control method Keys to start
Type Trackless train Battery 12V*3pcs


Backyard Trains for Sale (Backyard Trains for Sale (


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