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Meteor hammer rides

Type: Swing
Power: 30kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel

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The Meteor hammer rides operation way is different with the big pendulum. There are two symmetrical arms of Meteor hammer rides and each arm equipped with a cabin at the end.  

When the Meteor hammer rides is in running, the two arms along with its cabins rotate reversely around the horizontal axis, just like the water meteor of acrobatic art, and the cabin’s shape similar with hammer.

The Meteor hammer rides is full of thrill and entertainment. When it start, the cabins swinging back and forth, like ships running in the rough sea, suddenly up and down. Once the cabins swing the highest point, the passengers who just sit upright will be hung upside down on the cabins and they will feel like falling from the sky. It’s really fun and exciting and with endless enjoyment.

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Meteor hammer rides Meteor hammer rides Meteor hammer rides Meteor hammer rides Meteor hammer rides

Type  Voltage Power Height Area Material Passengers
Swing 380V 30kw 7m 10*10 m FRP+Steel 16 persons



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