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What Should Be Paid Attention to in Maintaining Children’s Amusement Equipment?

Generally speaking, the normal usage term of amusement equipment is 5 to 10 years. But there should not be any problems during the usage of amusement equipment. So we have to make better use of equipment operator’s earning power so as to do well in maintaining the equipment. To start with, sterilizing equipment, different ways to sterilize the materials.

For example, plastic and fiberglass. After dilution with soap and water immersion disinfection detergent, with a soft cloth or a soft brush, and then with clean water, dry with a clean cloth or with 84 disinfectant spray disinfection finally. The soft sponge is partially soaked in soap and water, or exposed to sunlight to disinfect.

Moisture-proof and heat-resistant wood chips do not fade and wash dry soap bubble, 84 disinfection spray disinfection. Clean the electrical part of the circuit, ensure the power supply first, scrub with wet cloth, dry after the power supply.

Again, for sunscreen and waterproof treatment equipment, such as air equipment after rain, slide, pipe part should be water, the lower diameter of 4mm drainage hole, and then clean the equipment dry. If the temperature is high, establish equipment sunshine shed.

Finally, check the equipment regularly. If there are any problems, repair it immediately so as not to cause unnecessary safety incidents.


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