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What’s the Difference of Equipment in Large Scale Amusement Park and Small Size Amusement Park?

The advantage of giant amusement equipment is that it’s thrilling and striking. Passengers want thrilling feelings would choose giant amusement equipment, because this kind of amusement equipment is far more stimulus than small and medium size children amusement equipment. What’s more, if someone gets lost in park or can’t find the funny equipment, the advantage of giant amusement equipment is obvious now, because it’s giant and it can remove our confusions.

The disadvantages of giant amusement equipment are its simple modelling and it’s mostly the same. It’s common to see giant equipment like roller coaster and pendulum ride in many big amusement parks. So it’s easy to have visual fatigue.

The advantages of small and medium size equipment are its various kinds, modellings and bright colors, which is beneficial to park’s amusement plan. The passengers can enjoy themselves.

However, the disadvantage of small and medium size equipment is its fewer passenger capacity.


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