Carnival Rides and Playground Equipment


Spider Man Spinning Ride

The spinning spider man ride, is one type of cup rides, but looks more interesting than traditional cup rides. It’s a classic playground equipment and transmits a warm feeling to tourists. Passengers can choose to rotate with the rhythm of the device or control the directions by themselves.

 There are 12 spider man cabins and the cups are decorated with bright colors, so the gear-cups ride is really attractive to children. Passengers sitting in the cabins of the gear-cups ride, rotating along with the big turntable, and the cups will rotate reversely around the central line of the small turntable, all these make tourists laugh all the time in the dizzy.

 The spinning spider man rides are beautifully shaped and with several spider man set in the middle. All the cups, pot and turntable are painted colorfully that make tourists feel mysterious southern style. When the cups doing revolution and rotating simultaneously, tourists can adjust the rotation speed and rotating 360 degrees freely, so that tourists really feels exciting and cheerful.


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