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The Effective Method in Promotion of Amusement Park

In Amusement park’s operating process, there is a very important profitable period, holidays and festivals. During holidays and festivals, it’s the period that the target audiences gathered most, and the potential customer has high percent conversation. Different sizes of amusement parks also will hold different scales of promotion and activities. Thus, it can not be denied that the operators of amusement parks pay highly attention on plans of holidays and festivals acticities. Activities have its own advantages and many characters. For example:

  1. Diffusivity

A good park activity planning will surely pay attention on participation and interaction of participators, which will increase the reputation of customers about amusement park brand. What’s more, the activities have certain news value and will attract people’s attention among target audiences.  

The nature that the activity plan advertisement itself has decides that it can not be expressed in the way of comprehensive statement. However, the acticity plan can express what the customers want to say clearly. And then spread park’s core information more clearly.

  1. Generalization performance

Each activity of the amusement park usually has its unique theme. All plans and layout are around this theme. The different types of themes can be those customers are interested in and easy for them to accept like parent-child, interaction, competition, innovation and public benefit and so on. The more it’s close to customer’s life, the easier it is to widely get customer’s phraise.

Through these theme activities, improve the brand image of the amusement park, so as to let customers not simply get satisfaction in body but aslo in spiritual level.

  1. Affordability

Traditional activity plan advertising form has entered the mature period. The asvertising cost is more and more clear, there is small price discount space. Sometimes, the spend of an advertising of amusement park can be over 10 thousand. Compared with this, the spend of a promotion activity is far less than advertising fee, but it can gain better effect, what’s more, holding activities can get the chance to contact with customers directly, and know the demand and feedback of them then increase the chance of them becoming the VIP.


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